Recommended Tradies and Other Useful Contacts

As per the thread regarding "mates rates" I am not really looking for "mates rates" as such, but like the idea of having tradies recommended. In my case we have used our kitchen cabinet maker for nearly 20 years, and sent him lots and lots of work, but he has now retired, so we are lost when it comes to who to chose for kitchens.

Same goes for our trusted pest man who passed away recently. He had an offsider who we have also known for a number of years, and he has started his own business so I will start the ball rolling by putting his name out there. He tells me there are plenty of "good" pest men but we know from recent experience (selling a house) that there are pest men who are simply trying to make lots of money by scaring potential purchasers.

Anyway, our pest man in Brisbane is Wayne Creed who trades as Rifle Pest Management, phone 3273 5881, mobile 0412 489 710.

Perhaps if people add to this, if they state the city or town first so that others can search the thread easily for local tradies.

If someone has a more efficient way of listing these, or making it easier to search the thread (assuming it gets added to) I am happy to hear it.
I recomend craig as he is a very good builder in Canberra, and very honest and reliable:D
The Company name is Three play Constructions, and you are welcome to call him on 0414486515
Recomend Arms for kitchens

I would like to recomend Arms for your kitchens.
I have never used him personally, however after reading his posts, and the dedication he has shown to this site, i can verify that he is well aware of the issues met by investors and i will personally use his services as required

Arms- Tom Armstrong

Adrien Mamet
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Wylie, this is a great idea to create a thread/database of recommended tradies in SS for all to share, save ppl have to ask every time. Honest and hardworking tradies should be rewarded, while those fly by night ripoff cowboys can ride into the sunset. Word Of Month On the Web (WOMOW) is another source.
In Sydney APlan Kitchens on Parramatta Rd Camperdown has been consistently competitively priced,good quality and cooperative They do flat pack kitchens to your own design or can design They don't instal but have installers with whom they they can put you in touch. My daughter is an architect and has often used them with good results for her clients after using them in her own house. Catherine Young is my daughter's contact there at A Plan.My daughter has sent so many people to them that I reckon they ought to pay her a commission. LOL---One prob one client had though was that the plumber she used , named by APlan was a bit of a dud cos he left his apprentice there who flooded the new cupboards. My daughter is going to let APlan know of this prob as she feels Aplan would not want to be recommending anyone not up to scratch and hence sully their own reputation. As I said on the other thread I wish I could find a good all rounder to do small jobs on my investment props as I have lost my darling pet man Friday-- ( my husband). In fact the lack of good tradesmen is what is daunting me in buying more props both Resi & Comm. Oh and I might ad I know a great architect-- 'cept she is about to give birth so might be busy for a cupla months LOL

Mizbuf, pity you are in NSW.
If you ever look into properties in SE Queensland, we can be of service.
Despite what our name projects, our core business is home improvements and maintenance.
This includes all aspects of value add projects and aintenance minimisation plans

Adrien Mamet
Rendering required in Melbourne NE suburbs

Has anyone got the name and contact details of a good renderer in NE suburbs of Melbourne?
May as well give the business a bit of a plug.

Flat-Pack Kitchens, designed for DIY but installation service is available. I can vouch (obviously :rolleyes:) for the quality of the product used, and it's certainly still affordable.
Wide range of colors and finishes and we can generally cut-down certain components to fit any odd measurements in a kitchen.

I personally work at the Moorabbin showroom, so a mention of the forums will ensure you get looked after! :)
Maybe make it a sticky?

Perhaps in the first post list the Name and contact number of the tradie with a hyperlink to the actual post in the thread?

That way people can see all the different tradies available and click on the name and go straight to the post that details why they were recommended.
Sydney area. All reno work but he specialising in bathrooms and tiling, i can't speak highly enough of dave 0434 468 883. Unreal prices. :)
Mixing with the trades myself..

I beleive the mornington peninsula is home so some of the best tradies in the country!

S.E melbourne

Builder- Cassilis Constructions
Dave - 0419343836

Cabinets- Bayveiw Kitchens
Jason - 0417182735

Carpentry & Landscapes - Urban Living Landscape and Construction
(Myself) Chris Evans - 0422394568
For tree pruning and removals in Perth that are well priced for smaller jobs. They also have cheap rates on palm removals when they can leave them on the verge for council pickups too.


Precision Pruning
Ian – 0417 936 231
I recomend craig as he is a very good builder in Canberra, and very honest and reliable:D
The Company name is Three play Constructions, and you are welcome to call him on 0414486515

Seconded :D . Used Craig for our reno in Canberra - very good, clean, nice work done on tiling, kitchen installation, new deck (even had patience to teach me how), and several other bits of random reno work