strata management

  1. tempura

    strata fee - special levy

    a very simple question, i hope some lights to be shed on. building that I am about to purchase a unit on, has shown extensive concrete spalling. there are 20 units in the building, so special levy would be 120,000/20 = 6000 per unit. I don't mind forking out this money to get it fixed ... BUT...
  2. jmx

    Seeking great strata manager in Norther Districts Sydney

    Hi, our strata property has been around for about 10 years and we have now been through 3 strata managers, all whom have been terminated for financial mismanagement. Are there any strata managers that are a) proactive, b) good at what they do c) look after their owner's best interests, d)...
  3. jmx

    Seeking great property manager in Norther Districts Sydney

    Seeking great strata manager in Norther Districts Sydney Deleted because the title was wrong.
  4. C

    Tree roots in drain - whos responsibility is it??

    Last week we had to get plumbers to fix a blocked drain in our villa IP (second time the plumbers had been called for a blocked drain over the last few months). When questioning the plumber, he explained that the drain had tree roots that was blocking the flow. Question is, since this issue...
  5. S

    Issues related to local councils

    Buying and managing a strata unit is a challenge sometimes, but the things can be worse if the property is located near an unscrupulous commercial tenants/proprietors. In some cases this is aggravated by local council. Here's an example of an issue when a property is located in a block...
  6. D

    Strata managers Perth

    Hello all, Firstly, thankyou to all the regular posters on this site. So much good information. Just a quick question for now, can anyone recommend a good Strata management company in the Perth area? Do they even exist? Lol The IP is in Lathlain and we have been using Real Estate Masters...