sub dividing

  1. Prop Meeting WA

    Property Meeting Perth Apr 29th - Small Development Deals - Moving on Up

    Last month we went through the ins and outs of subdivisions with an extensive session on the subject. This month we will be stepping further down the development path and discussing small developments, covering off on 1 into 2 and your triplex type deals. There will be plenty of great...
  2. C

    Investing in Collingwood Park

    Hi I am looking at purchasing a 800 m square block with a 3 bed house on it in Collingwood Park QLD. Was looking at sub dividing it and building on the back. Then will hopefully sell the front off and keep the back as long term investment. Any thoughts on Collingwood Park or any who...
  3. A

    Subdividing in Hamilton Hill

    I have a 780m2 R30 block in Hamilton Hill. The existing house can be retained and is currently rented. I am going to battleaxe the back block. It will be approximately 340m2 + the common driveway. I am not sure which way to go: 1. Subdivide, then sell the block. How much do you guys...
  4. A

    fencing - who should pay

    hi guys; i am doing a subdivision, and as part of bushfire evaluation, i have to cut down ~30 trees (along the boundary line to a neighbour) and reconstruct fence as part of DA condition Q1) who should pay for fence: DFA says 50/50 for most cases unless one party deliberately damage...
  5. S

    Building a Dual Occ and Selling the other half

    Hello, I’m new to this forum and property building/conveyancing issues in general and I was wondering if anyone could please help with some advice on a building plan that I’m thinking of and whether it is doable? I want to build a dual occ house and live in one and sell off the other for...
  6. H

    State Laws On Sub Dividing Property

    Hi, we have investment properties in a few states around Australia. After speaking to some bulider friends of mine, I have come to relize that each state has different laws when it comes down to sub dividing a property. Does anyone know of particual laws from any state that would be different...