1. S

    Issues related to local councils

    Buying and managing a strata unit is a challenge sometimes, but the things can be worse if the property is located near an unscrupulous commercial tenants/proprietors. In some cases this is aggravated by local council. Here's an example of an issue when a property is located in a block...
  2. laurieload

    Do dirty exit tenants get 2nd chance?

    When a tenant exits a lease (NSW) and leaves the place dirty and the grass unmowed, is the landlord obliged to list things that need attention and give the tenants the opportunity to come back and attend to it before calling in the professionals and docking their bond? Can't find anything on...
  3. C

    When to organise PM?

    My partner and I just bought our first IP and it will be settled in the first week of February. It's currently tenanted but we have asked for vacant possession so we would obviously like it to be rented ASAP after setllement (give or take a day or two for claning/minor repairs etc). When...
  4. Tenant from hell causes fence fire

    Tenant from hell causes fence fire

    We heard about this tenant from hell who decided to burn off weeds and grass. He ended up making the fence catch on fire. The poor landlord next door had paid for the fence himself as the owner who had the Tenant From Hell wouldnt pay half for the fence
  5. DSC04615


    These cheap uprights always have some sort of gap to allow fat and grease to get down the side... great!
  6. C

    IP Tenants In Common Loan

    Hi Somersoft, This is my situation, I am in my early 20's and had saved up a healthy deposit. Due to still studying and not having a full time income I had difficulty gaining a loan but I wanted to do so in order to get in the property market a couple of years earlier and rent it out whilst...
  7. C

    Common Tenants Purchase!

    Hi Investors, I have been reading all your advice on here the last couple of years, big fan of The Y Man! And last Monday i made the leap and bought my first property :) Heres my situation... I am 22yo and had saved up a large deposit, although because i am still studying and not...
  8. Tiggy

    Selling tenanted property?

    I have been reading this forum sporadically over the last few years and found it very interesting. Finally got around to joining up as I have a few questions. Can you put a property up for sale while there are tenants living there with a lease in place? If yes, is the new owner of the property...
  9. C

    Tenants Damaged Property

    Hi, ive been renting out my house privately and the tenants have damaged the front gutters, they claim that they didnt do it and got extremely aggressive over the situation, i have photos of the gutter before they moved in but they still deny it. I did make a mistake of not getting a condition...