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  1. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Property Meeting Wed 24 September - Stop being Average!

    Ok, so you have found your next development site, you have done your numbers and worked out the best yield for your site using the r-code allowances and averages, but is this the best you can really do? As the property market starts to undergo another slight shift, it will be the experienced...
  2. mattjones

    Brisbane Property Group - first meeting for 2014!

    Hi all to Queenslanders (or those visiting sunny QLD!), It's time to kick-off our jam-packed 2014 with the first event for the year - next Tuesday, 28th January. We'll be having the always amazing Nhan Nguyen presenting something special for us, as well as a guest speaker sharing his 'Real...
  3. S

    Yarraville (VIC) 830+ Sqm Subdivision

    Hi all, am needing help with some good resources (architect & town planner) for our recently purchased property in Yarraville. NOTE: theres a heritage overlay on the existing house, however with more than 450sqm of vacant land in the back and a 2.8+ wide long driveway i'm sure things can...