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    Townhouse Project Design

    Hi, Just wanted some quick opinions on an upcoming project. Current design for multiple townhouses has only about 5.5 to 6m between the living spaces of 2 storey townhouses facing eachother, with access road down the middle. To me, this seems very tight but I have seen many existing...
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    Newcastle Area - Trying to decide Townhouse or House

    I am trying to decide what is best to buy a townhouse or House this is my first property and very inexperienced! ok So I have 70k deposit, I am looking at properties in the Newcastle Area of New Lambton and Wallsend both properties are around the 300k price, The one in New Lambton is a 2...
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    Townhouse development project in Brisbane

    I am looking to purchase a block of land within 7km from Brisbane CBD to build 4 to 6 townhouses as investment properties and probably sell them for a profit if the market recovered. I am wondering whether buyers in today's market prefer to buy 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom townhouse ? s Say 2...
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    Richmond Development #2

    Hi everyone, I am currently undertaking a project to build 12 townhouses in Richmond Hill, Victoria. Here's the link to my first thread: I thought I'd update everyone here with some 3D images of the 'artist's impression' of the development...
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    Estimating Building Depreciation for a property

    Hi Everyone I'm interested in buying my first IP and I've got a couple of questions regarding estimating the building/capital depreciation. I need this to work out if this property will be close to being +ve cash flow (attractive) or -ve geared (not so attractive for me) a. How do I...
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    Melbourne IP opportunities and what type??

    I have one IP in Brisbane but have recently moved to Melbourne and looking at buying another here. What is the thoughts on upcoming suburbs and prices. Would the Capital growth be better on a unit, townhouse or house? Unit I could afford closer to town but I would have to look at houses in...
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    townhouse vs duplex

    Hi, i'm looking to buy my first property, but i want to make it a rental property in 2 years. I've two options: Town house for 283K and a duplex for 338K both I guess will have low vacancy rate. At the current market the first one can be leased for 300$ pw and second one for 320$. will it...
  8. 5 Townhouse Development

    5 Townhouse Development

    A project I did a year or so ago. Less than 2kms from Perth CBD in Victoria Park
  9. 3 townhouse site

    3 townhouse site

    record price for Drouin for approved townhouse site, over $80K per unit. situated 250 metres from town centre. site area 880 m2