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    Good builder for Ipswich area?

    Hi guys, need some help. I got a few projects I want to do in Ipswich area. I have a double block in Basins Pocket I would like to build 2 x (house+granny flats) and also another site in Booval that I want to either: renovate front house and put 2 townhouses at the back, or try to go for 4...
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    Property Development

    Hi, I am looking at doing a small property development (2-4 townhouses or units) Can anyone give any tips? I am looking to develop in NSW (Close to Sydney). If you can suggest any areas that would be great. What are the basic costs involved in doing a development? - So I can do the...
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    Townhouse development project in Brisbane

    I am looking to purchase a block of land within 7km from Brisbane CBD to build 4 to 6 townhouses as investment properties and probably sell them for a profit if the market recovered. I am wondering whether buyers in today's market prefer to buy 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom townhouse ? s Say 2...
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    DA - 9 Townhouse Kallangur, QLD

    Hi Guys I am new to this and would like to know if anyone out there has done a small project. Two years ago I purchased a flat 2000m2 block of land in Kallangur,QLD and got all excited to do a DA. After spending a lot of money and jumping thru the hoops I was issued a DA for 9 town houses...
  5. Residential Development

    Residential Development

  6. Townhouses Qld

    Townhouses Qld

    Interiors of the townhouse development I designed in Qld