western australia

  1. N

    First IP - looking at Forrestfield WA

    Hi guys, I've just turned 22 and looking at purchasing my first IP in Perth as I've lived here my whole life and despite potential better opportunities interstate I'm willing to look into it as my first purchase. I Have really set potential CG as my priority as my cash flow is flexible since I...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    Bunbury ?

    What do people think of Bunbury for investment at this point in time? Anyone have properties there? I need to invest in a regional area rather than a capital city for my next ip as I want to get something as close to neutral as possible this time around as my salary is $60 K. I dont want ng...
  3. HD_ACE

    Perth development: chances?

    Hi all, senario as follows..... City of belmont. Corner block r30 692sqm. Building in centre of lot Original plan was to subdivide 280sqm off the side, build on it and keep original dwelling on its own section. But now with the new design codes coming into effect do you think this...
  4. S

    Budget for legal charges in WA

    Hello fellow Forum members, Would you please share any insights from your personal experience in how do you budget legal costs when buying IP in WA? What are the compulsory charges, i.e. Title search? What is the range of hourly rates for solicitor? What amount should I put aside to allow for...
  5. S

    Property buying on other's behalf in WA

    Hello, I have a trusted person in other state who will be buying on my behalf. All financial risks will reside with me. He is not a licensed realestate agent rather than a relative who wants to undergo through the whole process together. In this light what are the legal specifics around this...