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From: H T


I had this idea that since the market is so hot that now is a good time to sell our fully paid primary residence and just rent for a while.
Reasons are..
I believe that the market simply cannot get any better and that we're in for a period of stagnate growth figures sometime in the not to distant future

there is plenty of rental properties available that ive seen in my inner suburb, some that have taken 3 MONTHS to rent

sure ill miss out on cap growth, but we have about 1.2m in investment property and after seeing some inner suburbs grow 100% in 2 years, I just can't believe that this growth rate can be sustained.

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From: Robert Forward

Since you have a PPOR, why not just move out and rent that property out for a number of years. It will still be CG exempt for a number of years (I think it's 6, I saw that in a post somewhere below but someone will correct me if I'm wrong).

At the moment you are paying 6-7% interest rates on your Primary Place Of Residence, but if you rent at the moment IP investors are pushing to be lucky to get 4% on inner city properties.

But anyway, check out this calculator. It's a Rent v's Buy calculator that may help you decide.


To find the calculator go down in alphabetical order. There is also heaps of other good calculators in amongst that lot too.


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