An update of Investment Goals for 2010

I thought it would be interesting to read of people's investment achievements and goals for 2010. A thread like this is usually started at the beginning of each year and I thought people may like to post what they have achieved or are likely to achieve for the rest of the year.

Here are mine:

1) Have updated our wills and established a Testamentary Will Trust. (Goal set earlier this year).
2) Am on track to meeting savings targets this year.
3) Have been able to release a title from one bank and have secured finance against the title at 80% with another. (Found out this was approved today with a favourable valuation of the IP which surprised us).
4) Have established another LOC against an IP bought last year.
5) Have established a family trust with the intention of using equity from the IP's to purchase shares over time.
6) Buffer is higher than earlier this year. Have continued to add money to offset accounts.
7) Have secured a pre-approval for the purchase of another IP. (I know these are not worth the paper they are written on, but still!).

Rest of the Year:

1) Purchase an IP interstate.
2) Begin buying shares in the trust.
3) Continue adding money/savings to offset accounts.
You have done so much already in 2010, congrats and good luck with the rest of the year.

2010 is our first year out of home and so we are just starting to get used to managing our money to pay all our bills and save. We had planned to move out and rent this year, turning the current PPOR into a IP with the plan of purchasing another IP at the end of the year - unfortunately this doesn't seem likely due to financial reasons and have decided to do a bit more to this place to get it up to the standard we want.

Outside of investing though:
1) Partner secured a career she is happy with and pays well
2) Completed the first semester of TAFE with no fails! (suprisingly hard to do...)
3) Learnt alot more about investing then I ever knew in 2009
4) Picked up alot of new skills through renovating
5) Built up alot more confidence (in & outside the workplace)

We are planning to finish our renovations by the end of the year, in which we will then plan to move out of here to rent. We are also slowly saving what we can but hoping we might be able to draw on some equity for an IP early next year!
Just purchased IP2, after a friendly kick up the backside from a close friend. After crunching the numbers, and good valuations particuarly on my PPOR, decided to buy now. Had been researching the area I planned to buy in for the last 10 months so was ready to go as soon as I saw something suitable.

The rest of 2010 is just going to be settling on the property and then paying as much as possible off the PPOR.
mmmm. my plans

Finish turning IP2 into IP3 .(sudivide and build)
Continue search for IP 4
Plan on how to make the most if IP 1,s zoning change :cool:
Continue loving my job.
reduce PPOR loan to bugger all.
Make a child ( well the wifes actually doing that one)
Go fishing more
Take my ducati for a good run.
Have fun with friends.
Stop sweating the small stuff.

All will be done by 2010
Buy n Holds
Purchase 6 new holds (1 per month avg)

Increased rents up by excess of $20,000pa.

Increased equity due to renovations buy excess $500,000.

Set up a few new entities.

Developed a few new strategies.

Ticked off a lot of personal goals.

Grown mentally.
Life's Good

This has been a year of enhancing yoga, if you will :p

1. Retrieved a clear title.

2. Have harvested that one, after cash out was sub-optimal by way of of LVR. Improves my position immediately as the land tax was around 20 % of the rent and its (growth) work has been done. It has been a diligent servant over the years.

3. Being liquid (for now) as this settles soon and parking some in a term deposit and possibly some in reducing some debt and having funds in an offset, will provide more choices for the rest of this year and next year.

4. Next IP if resi will likely be a block of units, or looking now and following some recent sales of commercial that are becoming more sensible, at least around my parts. I don't see any rush.

Flexibility of having ca$h also changes the lenders perceptions in giving you more rather than against a title with all contributiuon being equity. In the this climate, brokers/bankers correct me if I'm wrong, having folding stuff to add the the acquisition may be seen more favourably by lenders rather than just lazy equity.

5. Also looking at active share investing within our family trust when some direction is confirmed once the volatility settles. Might be a while.

All in all............. LG
Well mine's basic in comparison too!

1: Buy PPOR or IP depending on finance and the Melbourne market in September/October

2: Possibly get a business idea off the ground if I have the time and money

3: Try to get myself I into Property Management

4: Buy a car!!!!!! Finally!
Well after purchasing more than I ever thought I would last year I thought I might as well keep going so 2010:-
So far-
Bought another IP.

Obtained a loan against a previously unencumbered property (for deposits etc).

Obtained finance approval for next property.

Reading more (both property and leisure)

Spent lots on daughters upcoming wedding.

Lost 6 kg (don't want to be a fat mother of the bride).:D
Regaining my fitness level.

Bought a new car (well 2 yrs old). Couldn't resist the 30% price difference..

Been to China (finally) and to Bali (again).

To come-
Lose 6kg
See my daughter get married.
Buy next IP.
Make wills (I know I know):eek::eek:
Save for another wedding?

Buy IP
Travel to Thailand and Malaysia. Travel to Holland, Germany, Prague,++
* plan for a baby
* Build a healthier emergency fund
* Once the emergency fund is ready, save to buy a car (existing car will die soon)
* once car is bought, save to buy a IP (CF+)

Hopefully, mid next year I'll be ready to buy.
Great thread!

What I've done this year so far:

1. Since people have been mentioning babies in this thread, I guess we invested in a yet-to-be-born baby... (babies aren't really to do with property investing, but hey, as one SS'er said to me via PM, babies are very cash flow negative and erode your SANF but are an appreciating asset) :D

2. Bought 2 CF neutral (close to CF positive) IPs to offset the above cash flow negative investment

Plan for rest of the year:

1. Save, save, save in preparation for 6-12 months unpaid maternity leave; be ready to buy IP #3 again as soon as I start work (2011) and have a demonstrated income again

2. Learn how to look after a baby! Eek!
Still plan on buying a few more IP's this year (finance getting harder to come by) and work on reducing debt (small bites).

so far this year:

1. paid off PPOR
2. travelled to UK
3. saved some cash, re-thought spending habits
4. spoke to financial planner, who told us to keep going as we are, lol
5. just exchanged on IP3 (hoping building inspection is okay)
6. more actively share trading

goals for next 18 months:

1. purchase IP4
2. keep saving cash into offset account
3. save some cash to travel to Italy with the kids in 2012 for our 40th birthdays
4. see stock market recover, sigh
5. continue financial education
6. get life insurance
Still plan on buying a few more IP's this year (finance getting harder to come by) and work on reducing debt (small bites).


I hear ya, just had a nightmare trying to get finace for IP2.

My goals so far.

Settle on IP2, get it rented out.
Move in with partners parents to save dollars
Look at buying another investment later
Continue to educate myself
Get more into shares
Goals achieved so far.

Purchased IP2 (just slightly -ve geared)
attended one seminar (no property spruiking)
rejected attending three other seminars (nothing but property spruiking)
decided not to engage a BA but invest the time and effort educating myself.
Have read 16 property books so far, am on number 17 and have my next 2 lined up.
Drastically changed mindset towards investing and financial future

For the rest of 2010

Purchase IP3 when a release of funds occurs in August(quite -ve geared) in depth research established. refine skill of estimating true market value
attend two more seminars (no property spruiking)
Set up smsf to purchase IP4 in early 2011 (+ve geared)
keep reading, getting more education, build up network of likeminded investors where a win/win relationship of motivation and support can develop.
Continue developing mindset that will not allow negativity to impose itself and will only accept successful goal achievement.
1) Bought a PPOR - (this was the wifes plan and not mine)
2) undergoing the Reno for the PPOR
3) Sold an IP in Melbourne
4) looking to invest in shares / other Asset class once Trust has been setup.

Good thread.
2010 has been a bit of a flop for me so far...

1) Get development financed - Fail - But should get there by end of the year
2) Re-structure existing loans to P&I - in progress
3) Reduce debt - fail - Not incure any additional debt (except for point 1 above) - Pass.
4) Increase cashflow by $20k - fail - but only due to exchange rates :rolleyes:
5) Travel using cash flow - pass - 6 new countries, and one new state in Aus.
6) find a girl who can tollerate me - Fail :D

2010 was always going to feel like I was running on a treadmill though (lots of effort while not going anywhere).

2011 plans
1) finish development and rent out.
2) Start the development of my retirement home (PPOR)
3) reduce debt by $50k
4) Increase cashflow by $100k (possible due to points 1&2above)
5) keep girl who I found in 2010 happy :p