Auction results Melbourne 19/09/09

Ive had an idea

How about every Saturday someone starts a thread discussing the auction results in a particular city for the weekend just gone. Who went to an auction? WHat was the vibe in the market? Any outstanding, disappointing results?

What happened today in Melbourne for those of you with noses to the ground?

Auctions annoy the hell out of me.

Never go to them anymore.

If I have to listen to the words "Make no mistake...we're here to sell!" just once more, I'll become a suicide bomber at one. :rolleyes:
they are good when the market isnt doing too well. dissapointed sellers after failing to sell at auction are always better to deal with ;)
C'mon people get with the program

Yes I know there are threads regarding the market and yes I know I can get the auction results in tomorrows paper But we at somersoft are the people with noses to the ground. We have the scuttlebut, we 'ARE' the market.

Join hands and say it together "we are the market"

And by having a dedicated weekly thread then there is reason to post. As any logistician will tell you its all aboput systems or people just dont bother..

Ok ill go away now.