Banks and Accounts - Help!

From: Marc Krisjanous

Hi all,

We are looking for suggestions and /or recommendations on a bank! We need to open an account that will accept our rent income. Are there any people out there that know of great deals? Plus! What type of account should it be?

Hay! Thank you all for helping me out with my questions so far!

Oh - We live in Melbourne!

Best Regards

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From: Sim' Hampel

Hi Marc,

As many people know, I love offset accounts. Just be careful to get one which is a true 100% offset and doesn't cost you a fortune in fees or higher interest rates to use.

WestPac have a good product - and a great internet banking site (although I'm still annoyed at the lack of recurring scheduled BPay payment support).

But like Rolf said, it really depends on which bank you are with and what loan you have.

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From: Mark Laszczuk

I'm with Bendigo Bank, they seem to have the smallest fees around at the moment. Accessibility to branches may be a problem though. Get this - they give you a rebate of $4.00 a month on your fees, I'm not kidding. They add your fees together and deduct $4.00 from the total and that's what they take. If your total fees are under $4.00 they take nothing. Not bad (while it lasts...)

'no hat, some cattle'
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