Bit concerned about this proposed internet censorship laws

Usually I am not a political person as I know that they are all just saying what they need to get people to vote for them, but the new proposed internet censorship legislation is a bit concerning. Especially when the Minister is likening the legislation with Chinese censorship!

All for getting rid of child p-rn, but I think the whole scheme is filled with danger.

I am thinking about writing to my member of Parliament (who happens to be the Rudd), but somehow I doubt that will even reach him.

Makes me kind of sad that I live in a democracy but yet have no say in what happens to my rights ...
apparently 80% of people want the censor, and 90% of those want to know what's banned, but the govt won't let the details out.

yay for idiots. they really DID inherit the earth.
It makes me sad too klublok. I used to be so proud of being Australian, but less and less so these days. The real-name law enacted in South Australia recently was an arrow through my heart too.

By the way, the French are voting on net censorship this Tuesday, under the same B.S. story (child porn).
In principle I agree with a filter being applied however share the concern that it is far too easy for governments to abuse the system. Governments could censor political comment or worse. I know we live in a democracy but there are plenty of decisions made for the benefit of the people that negatively impact me on an individual basis. Often PC decisions are not based on what the majority desire but the demands of a minority.
It's pretty obvious Australian's no longer ride on the sheep's back but have become the sheep. Affluent, self-satisified, quiet and obedient with little imagination. It's said that people get the government they deserve. Well people they're here.

The commercialisation of the internet means government must step in and wrestle content away from the free providers (you and me, our blogs and publishing exploits) so that licenced content only is allowed - broadcast rights go to the big media players of course - and with consequent government control and propaganda in place the further pacification and control of the sheep can occur.

A flood of 'child' pornography is rubbish. Political control of web content is the aim. Just look at the Chinese model which the Australian government has asked Google to implement for us to see what they're on about - never mind the unknowable, uncontrollable, arbitrary blacklist being forced into law against all protests. In anticipation of news clampdowns: at some stage in the future social control as seen in airports currently will happen here in the blink of an eye.
80% of who???:(

Child porn is just the excuse and Government control the real reason.

Lets face it anybody who wants to get around the filters can and will simply by utilising point to point connections with encryption enabled. There are sites out there which will alow that type of connection with subsequent browsing onwards. So no filter even see's the content.

In the end it will just slow down all the legitimate users but that's OK because we are going to get super fast connections and be world leaders in the field.:eek::eek: