Blue eyes

From: Mark Laszczuk

This has nothing to do with PI, but I thought it important that youse should know. On Feb. 19th at 8:30 p.m. SBS is screening a documentary called Blue Eyes in Australia. This doco is essential viewing, I am not kidding you. It will really open your eyes to how we percieve different races in our society. I haven't seen it as yet, but the first one (titled Blue Eyes, I'm sure at least some of you have seen it) was incredibly moving. I had taped it, and watched it many times over. Unfortunately it was one of the victims in a break and enter of the house I was living in. That was over a year ago now, and I still miss it. Seriously, this is required viewing people. I cannot stress to you how important it is that you see it. Well, that's enough preaching from me, I hope that those of you that choose to watch it will get something out of it, as I'm sure you will, 'cause you have to be a pretty hard hearted person not to.

'no hat, some cattle'
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From: Sergey Golovin


If you that concern about ethnic identity in our society would you buy real estate from ethnic Real Estate Agent, or would you eat at ethnic restaurant, or have medical operation performed by ethnic doctor, or jump on bus with ethnic driver, or groceries checked out by ethnic person?
If you would, what is your concern then?
Is you concern about watching the SBS or about ethnicity it self?

Personally about my self (here we go, jumping from general onto personalities, but anyway) I personally do not care whom to buy it from as longer as it is good quality product and price is right. And in regards to shonky operates - it is plenty of them on ether side of the table. Do your due diligence and do not get caught up in the mess if you can, I think. May be I'm wrong, I don't know.

It is one thing what Government tells you to do at one particular time in history and other one is you personal point of view. Government comes and goes and we stay – as they say.

On average if let say we live 70 years (some only last up to 40 and other up to 100 years) and average term of Prime Minister is about, oh well, let say 5 years (some of’m only last for one term and some of them bit longer) we should have about 14 Prime Ministers during our life span. Well, obviously if you managed to get up to 100, your chances will increase up to 20 PM’s, and you most likely will see 100 annual budgets.

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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Hi Mark!

Yes, I saw the original and agree that it is an incredibly powerful piece of television. Thanks for bringing this one to our collective attention, I'll keep an eye out for it.

Have fun

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