buying in qld, but the house has no final cert, advice needed

Its an 18 yr old queenslander, needs a little tlc, theres no final from 18 yrs ago, but theres finals from an extension and deck in 96.
This is our first house, so we are a little worried about it not having a final from when it was built. The solicitor, says its quite normal, is it?
we have nogotiated a reduction in price off the b&p, but not having a final is my big concern.
The solicitor, says its quite normal, is it?

Why are you paying a solicitor $1,000's for legal advice and then coming onto an anonymous forum for free advice from strangers with no contractural obligation to you (unlike your solicitor who is liable to you for the advice given)?

If you really can't sleep at night buy Title Insurance which will cover you for this too.
We purchased on the sunshine coast in January with the same problem. Our solicitor included in the contract that a final was required before contracts were exchanged. The sellers agreed to this and the sale proceeded. It was not a hard task for the sellers to accomplish. Cladding from around a carport had to be removed and the final was issued by council. As you said Sharky it is a coomon problem in qld and we found our council used to dealing with this issue.