Canberra Cashflow

Next Cashflow game for Canberra people- Sunday, November 17- 1PM at the Queanbeyan Leagues Club.

Book yourselves in- people coming from ACT are interstaters. We'll be somewhere in the dining area- depending on where there's space.

If people would like to come, can they please send and email to just to make sure we have enough games. Not compulsory- but it might be a bit boring with 20 people playing one game (just in case that many people turn up... hehe... but there were 12+ last time- and one game then might have been boring)
Reminder time... and also an opportunity to bring the more current thread up to the top of the list.

This Sunday, Queanbeyan Leagues Club. Roast lunches are served- good value (but basic quality) at $3.30 pp.

If you can't find us, try 0411 444 288