Chris Howards Wealth Propulsion - anyone going?

Hi all

I am pretty new to the forum and have been getting an enormous amount of benefit following threads and taking in much of what many investors have to say.
No doubt that someone such as myself with a half share in only two IP's as well as my PPOR (none of which are paid off) benefits hugely having access to other more experienced and advanced investors.
I am going to see Chris Howard at his wealth propulsion seminar running for 2.5 days in Melbourne and was just wondering if any other SS members were going.
I have only just found out about the SS member monthly meetings and can't wait to get to future ones. Wished I had found out about the last one as I live in Mitcham so the Mountain View is close.
None of my friends or family are investors except my brother who I own my IP's with (He lives in Sth Aus) and this means I have to look elsewhere to find likeminded investors locally. Seminars like Chris Howards may not be for everyone but I was interested to hear if anyone else is going or has seen him before.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Hi and welcome.
I have been to one of Chris Howard's workshops (not the wealth propulsion one). He's a great speaker and very inspirational.

The course really made me start re-evaluating my life and where I was going. I started making goals and have made great gains since then.

While the course itself wasn't the only thing to get me moving it was the catalyst to get me looking into what I want to achieve now and in the future. I found this forum which really pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. Finding likeminded people is a great way to expand your knowledge and you can make some great friends.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the course. I would love to hear your opinions on the course.
Sorry - I didn't explain.

Baby is still mummy-dependent - won't take bottles, so can't leave her for that long, and um, I don't imagine people would appreciate me bringing a squawking offspring along!