created a good realestate tool

From: Adam Randall

This weekends paper (adelaide) had the median house price listed by suburb (about 400), the percentage it had moved from last quarter, and the amount of sales in the area.
Several weeks ago I bought a full size wall map of metropolitan Adelaide down to street level (2.5m *1m), so I spent the entire weekend adding colour coded price stickers (6 price bands) with the price written on them as well as the amount of sales and the %change since last quarter.
I have also attached a small metallic green or red star next to each suburbs sticker, indicating wether the growth was negative or positive. I can tell you a picture is definitely worth 1000 words, I can see patterns, good value suburbs eg (1 suburb median 150,000 surrounded by 250,000 median price suburbs).
Next I am going to get a sample of 30 rents for each suburb, from that I will pick the median rent, I will write this next to the price as well as the median yield for each suburb. Realize people in Melbourne and Sydney would have to give up their day job to be able to achieve this, however I would highly recommend it at the very least an educational tool (it won't cost 15K either).
Regards Adam
PS anyone from Adelaide tell me why Windsor Gardens is so cheap (unless its next to a prison it can't be the location)
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From: Carly Henderson

Dear Adam R,
Oh my god you are absolutely keen, It sounds like you have a full time job going on there, can I ask you this, have you ever ordered a residex analysis of the area? If so did you not feel this was accurate?, and you said you source your information from the paper, how are you sure that it is accurate?
Great initiative
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From: Sim' Hampel

I think the point is that the visual cues you get can add so much more meaning to the data.

Exactly the same way that producing a chart or graph of a set of data helps you understand the data much more quickly than just looking at raw stats.

I know of several other people who do similar things to help them spot trends and get the "bigger" picture of their target market.

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From: Paul Zagoridis

And Residex don't do SA.

Actually nobody does SA.

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From: Sim' Hampel

I do SA !

It'll cost you around $100K per annum for any stats you want about SA.

Why so expensive ?

Well, I gotta go gather the raw data first ;-)

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From: Duncan M

>full size wall map of
>metropolitan Adelaide down to
>streeet level (2.5m *1m), so I

Where did you get the map? What an awesome tool you created! Wish I had thought of doing that.. Mrs Dunc will be very busy this weekend :)

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From: Matthew Campbell

I was thinking the same thing last week after seeing a BIG wallmap.. I dont know what my wife would think in our small SYDNEY unit.. "The jokes about Sydney are true"

but I was going to get the Residex info first and then do it visually with the map..

So, it works huh? you've inspired me to go ahead with it :)

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From: Duncan M

On 7/24/01 12:02:00 PM, Duncan M wrote:
>>full size wall map of

>Where did you get the map?

"The Map Shop" 6 Peel St, Adelaide.. Runs between Currie and Hindley St. 7 boxes of pins (mark prices and movements), 1 box of red flags (to mark existing IP's!)..

Threw in a laminated world map for the kids..


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From: Adam Weisser

I was just going to write a piece of web software that allowed data (such as house prices, etc) to be associated with coordinates on a map.

I've been wondering what data to store. This has given me some ideas...


I was just going to plot house prices, etc.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Another Adam
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From: Giovanni T


Might have to organise a time for you to invite me over for a coffee... or maybe to come and check out your funky new map.

Sounds like you are very serious about making some serious money.

All the best
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