Crossing the line

From: Michael G


Just rambling again.

Scenario: Property #1 medium density block
Property #2 low density block

#1 has say a 4plex on it and #2 which is next door has a 3bed home on it.

Would it be possible to buy both, knock down the house of #2, then move the boundry line of #1 over #2.

Then have #2 be a complete easement for #1 say as a small nature strip.

Then build another 4plex of something on #2 (which is now basically #1) using the new zoning on the land?

Just a thought for areas with restrictive zoning.

I like Dunc's thought, move it 1m a year so they dont notice :p

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From: Rixter ®

How about going 1 step further than Dunc's suggestion and only move it 0.5m per year...that way it will take the council twice as long to figure it out!!!!!...LOL

Happy Investing,
Rixter :)
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