Darryl Guppy on Property

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So what does one of Australia's leading share traders think about property ?

Last week I went to see Darryl's latest seminar involving simulated trading. Well worth the money , but that's not the reason for this post.

The reason for this post came about as a result of an informal discussion held during a break for dinner. Darryl was answering various questions and someone ( not me, was that you eric ? ) raised the issue of investing in property.

Darryl's reply went along the lines of
" that's all part of wealth creation, which involves long term share investing AND property investing. That's a different topic to what I'm talking about tonight which is Share trading, which is how I make my money "

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Absolutely, I also see all three as components of my strategy. Each has a place in the overall strategy as each brings its' own benefits. Income from share trading, growth from share and property investing. As shares and property tend to peak and trough at different times, the two combined provide a slightly more consistent growth curve. Others may use alternate tools for income e.g. wraps, flips, business, job etc. and may stick to one field for growth i.e.. property or shares.


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