Deposit held in interest bearing account

I have sold a property in Qld with a large deposit (>$250K) involved with settlement of 2 months.

Clause 2.3 & 2.4 of the standard REIQ contract allows me to request the stakeholder to place the deposit into an interest bearing account with the interest going to the seller if settlement occurs.

The agent concerned has no experience with this and does not know how to process this request and as such I am missing out on in excess of $20 per day of interest.

1. How does the stakeholder setup the interest bearing account i.e. is it in their name as trustee (as I suspect) or in joint names of the seller & buyer?
2. Assuming the account is in the names of the trustee, who provides the 100 point identification - the trustee (i.e. the agent) or the buyer and seller or either the buyer or seller depending on who will receive the interest?
3. If the account is in the name of the trustee, but the interest goes to the seller, which tax file number is provided to the bank?
4. If the agent does not process my request because of a lack of knowledge, would I have a case against them for the lost interest?