Does anyone use WDTV as a media player?

I have a question for anyone who uses the Western Digital Media Player called WDTV.

I have a drive with 1000+ video clips.

When I look at the contents on the screen I have to flick through each movie to read the title. Very time consuming to browse.

Is there a way to list each one on the screen rather than the default icon with no title?

If you use this device then my question should be clear.
I was looking at these last week at JB Hi Fi.

Wondering if I should get one for the kids TV.

I've always looked here for my Media Centre info.

Seems to be a thread on that same model.

I use an apple TV love it you can put all of your movies into itunes if in MP4 format or do as I do and void the warrenty and mod it so that all of the movies are on the hard drive
If you group your files into different folders on the drive the WDTV is looking at.... the external hard drive - then you can scroll through them that way.
i use my Xbox360, linked to my PC using "Tversity".
Basically means that with my xbox, i can watch any movie file saved on my PC, using the nice Xbox360 user interface.

Beats a media player hands down IMO... cos i can also play games on it :D