From: Mr S

Hi all,

Could somebody help me please.

I own a 50% share in a property - Tenants in common.

I need to re-finance and am looking for a lender that will be willing to take my share of the property only for security and not require my co-owner to have their name on the loan or have them go guarantor.

Any names of financial institutions that can help will be greatly appreciated.

Regards Mr S
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Mr S

Highly unlikely and in actual fact probably illegal.

In case of default a lender needs to take possession. Obviously this can not happen unless all parties to the title have agreed to the mortgage- essentially guaranteed the loan.


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From: R S

Are you in Melbourne? If so call Jedi Finance on 03 9873 8161 and Speak to Martin.
They'll sort you out. Just say Reynaldo referred you to em.

good luck!
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From: Michael G

We the aforementioned deny all knowledge of such existence to companies previously stated in related text.

That should do it huh?

Michael G.
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