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From: Jenny F

Not sure if this should go in here or in Meeting Point. Nevertheless, here is a notice re a Planning Issues Forum being held in Canberra which may interest those who invest in the ACT, or are considering doing so. It is a public forum but needs you to call to reserve a seat. I only saw this today, and given the Canberra public holiday on Monday you probably should call today or at worst Tuesday morning.

The National Capital Authority is presenting a public forum on Tuesday 19 March 2002, 2.30 - 4.30pm at The Studio, National Museum of Australia. Free admission.

Presentations will be given on key planning issues facing National Capitals by:

Mr Marcel Beaudry, Chairman and Chief Executive of the National Capital Commission in Ottawa.

Mr Jerry Shiplett, Commission Member, and Ms Patricia E Gallagher, Executive Director, National Capital Planning Commission in Washington, DC

Ms Eliana Klarmann Porto, Deputy Secretary, House and Urban Development in Brasilia.

If you wish to attend, please telephone (02) 6271 2888 to reserve your place as soon as possible.

Jenny F
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From: Jenny F

Whoops, should have read it more closely - the forum is about National Capitals in general not the ACT in particular! That will teach me to post in a hurry.
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