Garden Tap Connector Stuck

Hi Everyone!

I have just spent the best part of this morning wrestling with my tap outside. To say the least I've been so far beaten and I'm left extremely frustrated! :(

I have a tap/hose splitter (don't know what they're called!), screwed onto my brass tap. One side for irigation and the other for the hose. It's been there good part of a couple of years and now I've decided I would like to put a button operated splitter on, you know, to make life that bit more simpler... hmmm! :)

Well, the original splitter is stuck! Won't budge! Two wrenches, a slight 'tap' of the sledge hammer, CLR, colourful expletives, begging, pleading and none of it has worked - stubborn bugger it is! GRRRR!

Can anyone suggest a solution? A secret home remedy? A Bunnings product? Anything? :confused:

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

Also, IF I get this thing off, is there anything I can do to prevent it happening again - apart from just not using one! :p

Thanks heaps!
Hi Loz,
Have you tried submerging it in a bucket of boiling (or very hot) water. The idea is to heat up the gadget ( and hence expand it slightly) while not heating up the tap.

You may have to try a couple of times.

or ...get bigger wrench and bigger hammer !!

Persist ! and Good luck.

Peter H.
Have you checked out replacing the tap??

I spent a few hours on a dripping tap that was determined to beat me.....until I checked out the cost of a new garden tap.

Tap cost $8.00...teflon tape 50 fix time..2 minutes.


Hi Guys!

Thanks for your words of advice... I really think it does need a new tap! However, I (we) GOT IT OFF!! :D

I tried the boiling water. Two fresh kettles worth of water used up over a 20 minute period still didn't do the job. :(

Good Old Dad came to the rescue. Father daughter teams are just so great! :)

I got the two wrenches back out along with the sledgy and some WD-40. Dad pushed one wrench one way and I smacked hell out of the other wrench in the other direction. Percussive maintenance is a marvelous thing! Eventually there was movement at the station. I sprayed a bit of juice (WD-40) and started smacking again. Viola! Just like magic.

There was a bit of a calcium buildup, but no rust or anything. Anyway, I scrubbed the tap with a wire brush just to make sure the thread was clean, whacked some grease on it and put the new splitter on. Five minute job took a good couple of frustrating hours!

Thanks again for your suggestions. :D