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From: Justin Jefferson

Can anyone help with some info on Henry Kaye.

Last February, I paid a deposit to do an Investment source course,which was to be in September. Since then the wheels have fallen off my wagon and I can't pay the balance.

I'm looking for ways to get my deposit back.

I see here there is some discussion about getting refunds. Has something happened that I should know about that might entitle people generally to a refund, or people who are down for the September course?

Any help appreciated.
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From: Peter Martin


The one sure way of getting your money back from HK is to keep your end of the contract. Go to everything you're supposed to and then when you get to the appropriate point (i.e. Day 3 of the 4-day thing) invoke the money back guarantee.

I guess there are other things you could try (like kicking and screaming, or begging) but if you want to be 100% certain ...

Good luck,
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From: Anonymous

Contact the Dept of Fair Trading, explain your situation and see if they have any suggestions.

It would seem to me that they are offering a refund if you pull out by lunchtime day 3 and you are only bringing the promised refund forward. Also by involving the Dept you'll be putting HK and commissioned salesperson on notice.

You are entitled to your money back and I am fairly sure they can't make you pay in full to get it back again.

Good Luck
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