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From: Lan Diep

Hi Ross on the Gold Coast

In reply to you..
It seems when you agree to do the whole HK program, he provides property audit services, investment advice on where and what to buy...etc etc. The consultants also indicate they are there to "hold our hand" until we have enough confidence....

You are right, there is a fee $14,000, which many people choose the option of paying monthly for about $400, which actually goes through a bank for a p/loan for $14,000, and then in the end the loan amount is around $19,000. There is no option to choose which particular services you want, only the whole program worth $14,000.

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From: Duncan M

I cant help but recall something Robert Kiyosaki said about the whole money thing being more about "who owes who" than about property, shares, businesses etc etc..

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