From: Anonymous

Is there anybody who has done the HK seminar and would be willing to share some of their experience?
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From: Steve Piggott

MMMM so what you really want is for someone to give out portions of their paid info!
Lemme see.... the Investment Mastery and Bootcamp costs about 30k.
And you are obviously wanting people to pay 30k to tell others about the content and strategies in those seminars.
Its a very tough decision.... If one gave you some info.... it was misconstrued and an individual became financially destitute because of a lack of understanding or clarification... where would that leave the informant and the guarded reputation of HK.
Most would be very wary about this situation.
And it is a point where litigation would almost certainly eventuate.
My advice is.... pay the dough if you wanna know!!

Happy Investing
Neb :)
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From: Michael G


Would you be willing to share your name?

Michael G.
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From: Yuch .

Hi Steve,

I thought the forum is here for us to share info. However, I do understand that some people feel they've paid big $$$$ to those seminars that why should they share the info with others. This is ok too....there is no need to post a message like this.

Anon, I've sone HK course and I am very happy to share info with you but firstly I would like to know who I am talking to. If you don't feel comfortable showing your name on the forum, you can send me an email at and fire all your questions. :)

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