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From: Anonymous

Just checking my Commonwealth bank Home insurance Policy Renewal.
Large Print: "Your Legal Liability Cover has been increase from $12.5M to $15m.

Fine print Refer pages 71 to 73 of Policy.
"You are no longer covered for any legal liabilities arising from or as a result of letting of the home to a tenant for domestic residential purposes. Coverage (however) is available under our Investment Home Insurance Policy."

Pays to read ALL the FINE print.

Anyone else found this with any of the other Insurance Companies?

Boy could that make a hole in your wealth building plans.
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From: Sim' Hampel

Hmm... haven't checked the fine print on my Residential Landlords Insurance policy in the last couple of months... but I'd be a little annoyed if they decided that this particular policy did not cover me for residential tenants !

(BTW. I'm with CGU)

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