I also buy houses - books in review

I'm two thirds the way reading "I buy houses" by Paul Do and I think this book is one of the best I've read.
It's an Australian book, about Aussie RE, written by Aussie.
In his 20+ years experience (in his words) he's come to many of the same conclusions I have, and makes some opinionated point in this book.
and though I don't agree with all of them, they still give food for thought.
At times it seems like I'm reading my own posts here about subject like spruijers, new developments.
He then goes through his own "System T" which I would say is not all that ground breaking, or new concepts, but like most of the concepts in the book, is presented in a very practical manner and easy to read & follow.
So in case you aint guessed it, I really like this book and think it's a great read and much much better than the american Kiyo-who? books that hardly show any practical detail, and what's there refers to the US market.
And he's already on record for what he thinks of the Aussie market and internet users.
So I think this book belongs in my top shelf next to:

  • Building Wealth through Investment
  • Building Wealth in Changing Times
  • Wealth Magic: From Broke to Multi Millionaire in just 7 years
  • How to Build a 10 Million Dollar Property Portfolio in 10 years
  • How to get rich rewards in Real Estate
  • Massive Profits in Real Estate by Adding Value & Renovations
  • How to win friends & influence people
  • The magic of thinking big
amongst many others.

Next book I bought was Top 100 Stocks 2010 by Roth for the only reason that evand said he buys it.
As usual he's right. For $30 you get generic research on a whole stack of listed companies that would take a long time to do yourself.
The downside is it may make you lazy and not research others.
And of course Roth is anything but perfect in his stock picks, and I found it
amusing that though everything across the board got cained he still finds something to brag about.
Still worth the 30 bux I thought.

And just for the noobs who are to lazy to do research and look up my previous posts, I get nothing from these authors, but they get lots of **** from me on this forum.
I just finished reading 'I Buy Houses' by Paul Do also. I couldn't put it down. A most refreshingly different outlook to many others I'd read and it was great to read one about purchasing cashflow negative property inner city (like I do) rather than cashflow positive property in woop-woop. It gave me a lot of confidence in my own theories about the RE market and I highly recommend it.
Paul Do


I too highly recommend this book (i like his theory of "relative yield"); BTW, Paul did come on this forum briefly a few weeks ago; but seems to have "drop out"?

It will be great if he would come on this forum to give us his opinion...Come on Paul, where are you hiding??

BTW, Paul did mention in his book that he has come back to the Sydney market recently after an absence of 7(?) years.....

i have also read his book and enjoyed it. I like how he believes in investing in the right time of the market rather than just buying regularly because there are obvious times when it is not the right time to buy.
I might have a look at getting the book. At the moment I am reading "It's easy to be a Property Millionaire" by Craig Turnbull. Seems like a good read at the moment, takes me a fair while to get through these books though - I like jotting down alot of notes. Helps it get into my thick head :D
Thanks for the recommendation.

And for anyone else in Brisbane, I've just logged on to the Brisbane City Council library website and ordered it (order cost 80c).
Thanks for the recommendation.

And for anyone else in Brisbane, I've just logged on to the Brisbane City Council library website and ordered it (order cost 80c).

Do they deliver it to you as well? And then I imagine you have to return it yourself?
Just bumping this thread for two reasons,
1. I too, saw Paul Do on this forum just recently.
2. Thanks to Marg's idea, I reserved the book and have nearly finshed it. I love my library!

I have read quite a few books on property investing and this one was a pleasant change. At least it was up-to-date and reasonably easy to read. Some of the numbers and maths made me a bit numb though so i made my husband read those bits.

Very good :)

P.S. Welcome to Paul if he is reading these forums :)
thanks to this thread i bought paul do's book.

i'm halfway through the book at the moment and really enjoying the value based approach and technical analysis that he picked up from his share investing background

just wondering if anyone had suggestions for other books that might delve into that topic a bit deeper...which may help me:
-know when to diversity into other states
-how to time the market
-which markets present the best value
Thanks pb, for your take on it , its great to see some good stuff coming out, the few i have read are clearly stuck in my head and although "others" around me want to do anything thay can to advance themselves in wealth creation, as they say, are too! lazy to pick up a book and read it. funny lot!!:rolleyes: