Interest in Advance Rate worse then Variable!!

I've been quoted 4.4% as me Interest in advance for the next Financial year. That's .2 worse than my variable. Just checking that it's the going rate with the SS team. I've got to do it this year as I had a CGT event.

The rate seems a little soft. I'm also a bit worried about what rate and IO terms I'll get at the end. We'll see in a years time I guess.
ING = 4.14%
CBA = 4.29%

Even though ING is one of the cheapest I would still use a lender like CBA. Make sure you don't choose a lender based purely on price.
I'm with CBA and have wealth package. Sorry about my last reply. The bank are at 4.4 so your 4.29 sounds good. I'd better speak to them ASAP