IP in Orange/Bathurst NSW

Hi Folks,

Thinking about investing in Orange or Bathurst. Does anyone have property there or any thoughts about it.

i don't know alot about the area but a friend of mine owns a unit IP in Bathurst. Always rented out (uni near by) but she has tried for more than 6 months to sell and can't.
I don't know the area but was watching foxtels your money your call last night with Margaret Lomas and she was asked where she would buy if she had 350,000 to invest and her reply was Bathurst and northern suburbs Adelaide. Didn't hear reasons why.
Why are you thinking of investing in those areas?

Investing in what? houses, units, villas, shops?

There are areas within areas. What parts or Orange and Bathurst are you interested in?
I've been having a look at what's available in Orange this last week or so. Things I've noticed - tons of rental stock on the market. Haven't seen any great deals out there - I'm struggling to find anything above 5% yield.
I have a couple in Orange. We bought there cos we found a couple of places that were cheap and had good rental yields. We weren't specifically looking at Orange at the time, just that the numbers worked for us.