Is there a final word on these clubs?? Confused



From: Bill T

Hi everyone

I've read with interest all the talk about the Investors Club and Property Investors Groups etc. Think the bottom line is nothing in life is free including the fees of these clubs!

I am however a little confused. Please tell me if I am off track here. If these clubs generally make it easier for you to buy property, and if you don't have the time / desire to do the 'street work' on checking out deals etc aren't these clubs of some use? I have seen some comments stating that the properties are overpriced. If you got an independent valuation wouldn't this help? The part I am struggling with is that even if worse case you end up paying slightly more, over a 10-15-20 year period that extra $5-$10k will become insignificant. (offset against that the effort involved in getting into a PI)

Jan has shown in her books how even if the price paid is a bit over what it should be, the variance in IRR is insignificant. On the other hand we have Kiwosaki telling us that Rich Dad said that the profit in propety investment is in the buying. I'm a staunch believer in Jan's teachings hoewever all of this leaves one little ol' investor a wee bit confused!!

Looking forward to your thoughts!

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From: The Wife


The clubs do serve a purpose, and they do suit some people.

As for the Jan Somers /Kiyosaki debate, I think they are two individual styles, both very effective for them, I think you should find your style, and stick to it.

I feel my style is a little bit of every bodies,and a whole lot of mine, and that is what works for me.

I feel trying to exactly emulate somebody, is self defeating, there are to many variables, I do feel we should be trying to learn from others, and fitting what works for us, into our style and plans.

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: GoAnna !

I agree with The Wife 110%

I think when you have a clear plan and strategy then you can hold properties up against your plan and you will soon see if they fit or not. "Borrow" all the ideas you like and make them yours.

If I asked you how to direct me from Sofaraway to Alotclosertohome how could you direct me unless you knew where Sofaraway was and the various highways in between. Perhaps I would prefer to travel by boat on the river even if it takes me longer. Perhaps I will fly by plane. I know a guy who rode on his bike but I suspect I don't have a stamina!

There are so many ways to get there but until you know where you are now and where you would prefer to be and how much you are prepared to dedicate and sacrifice for the journey it is hard for another to give advice .

GoAnna !
Why not go out on a limb, that's where all the fruit is. (Mark Twain)
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"Is there a UpHill, Down Hill? Confused "

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From: Gee Cee Cee

To be long term successful i believe you have to ride the bike to get to your desired destination. That makes you go over every bump, hill and decent.

You can have someone deliver you straight there but you have learnt nothing to put towards the next journey.

But if you are on the journey you meet a lot of people heading to the same destination but with different views on everything along the way.

The worst thing to do though is to be overcome by so many opinions along the way that you stop in you tracks at no location and never do anything.

Gee Cee

P.S. Anyone understand me ??? Or am i just blabbering ?
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"Is there a UpHill, Down Hill? Confused "

From: The Wife

Your making PERFECT sense Gee Cee ! :eek:)

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Felicity W.

I agree with all the posts so far - IP provides an incredible array of opportunities, depending on your knowledge and inclination. The best thing is to do SOMETHING!!
We bought a property through National Property Investors a few years back, and have been very happy with it, and it was certainly very very easy for us!
Having said that, since that time we've moved on a lot in terms of knowledge and enthusiasm, and may choose to do something more active next time around. Only time will tell!
But the thing is - we have our own home, a young family, only hubby works - and we own IP. We know lots of other people in similar situations - who own nothing. At least we've done SOMETHING!!!!
However good friends of ours are also keen to get into IP - and be as passive about it as possible. So we've recommended NPI to them. Right now, it suits them. Further down the track, who knows?
Isn't there a saying - horses for courses?
And I'm tired and starting to blather....
Keep smiling
Felicity :cool:
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