low doc loans 80% lvr over 1million

Hello i am hoping someone can help me. I have
1. A IP LVR90% worth 950,000 debt 846,000
2. IP LVR 80% worth 1.1-1.2 mil debt 880,000
3. PPR LVR 55% worth 1.8-2mill debt 1.1
4. IP LVR60% worth 950-1mill debt 600,00 (loan granted off the balance sheet)
All my loans are with rams low doc pro packs a part from no.2 which is commonwealth. I have asked rams to increase my PPR loan to 80% in which they said they would look at it after I sell Property no 4 in march to reduce exposure levels. The properties are all within melb inner city 5-10 k CBD, the rentals yield great rent and we have no serviceability issues. Can some one please tell me if rams do lend 80% low doc over 1mill My broker has indicated that because we have already had this loan amount that he is confident that they will any advice? Thankyou
dam dude. thats some heavy servicibility requirements. whats your yield at for each of those properties and whats your salary like.
r these loans in your own name or are they stand alone entities
need to understand what or how are they held
I would not increase the ppor debt level unless there was a good reason for that.
you can use the equity out of these properties without incuring extra costs from a serviceability point of view and just like they lent yu of your balance sheet do the same but with a different entity
and its not for a board
its relatively simple to do but you need to talk to someone taht does structures to arrange you properties to suit
just adding debt to one property is not a good way to go in alot of cases
and with the debt and equity levels you have you could do alot in this market with that free equity
have a look out side the norm as you are already half way there
LOw Doc Over 1 mill

Hello grossreal, Thanks for the reply, could you please explain what is meant by structures> Do you know where or whom I would talk to regaurding this. Over the last few days things have changed for low doc loans I don't know if this will effect us Thanks for your reply