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From: Sheryl Young

Dear Anyone,

Has you heard of/read/purchased or have any comments/opinions of a report from the Department of Infrastructure called Housing 'Melbourne: Residential Forecast 2000'. It's avail for $110 as a printed report or $220 for CD rom and printed's the blurb for the report in print...
"A ten year forecast of likely
residential development for metropolitan
Melbourne, giving an overall picture of
supply and demand for housing at a local
government level. Includes information
on recent housing trends, demographics
and housing markets"..
Is is of any use to us novice investors

ta Sheryl
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From: Toyo Spares

Sounds similar to the "Housing Past Housing Futures - Planning Melbourne for the 21st Century" report that the DOI released earlier this year.

A technical summary of report is available at and full copies are available at the DOI bookshop or Municipal and University Libraries.

If it's not the same then one could assume that the report you mention may be available at the DOI bookshop or Municipal and University Libraries as well. Worth a look before splashing out $100+ IMHO.

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