Melbourne Renovation Worskhop Sun 24th June



From: G D

The “early bird” rate is closing for the

"How to get great Capital Gain and Cashflow from quick Property Renovations” workshop

only one day in Melbourne...8am-5pm Sun 24th June at the Convention Centre

Morning a'noon tea & lunch included + 100 page renovation case study workbook plus ...

Paul Eslick's "Investors Guide to Quick & Easy Renovations

it's a small group 47 max and totally interactive..

we will also have investors from both states telling their is not just limited to renovations also small sub-divisions and developments too!!

I used Pauls renovation methods and have added over $200,000+ in capital gains and great increases in cash flow via up to 25% rent increases in 2 weeks...

I used to think there was no money in renovation until I met Paul at one of my seminars...

he had bought 6 properties in 11 months!!...all cash positive....

now I know how...

he has added 50-60% capital gain in 4-6 weeks ...instant equity he calls works for me... I have done it a number of $121k to $195k 4 weeks + 10% rent return!

a 25% increase in rent to the "cookie store" flats in 2 a 12.7 % return!!

One day only in Melbourne and this will definitely be the last at this price.

mind you... you are welcome to fly to Bris on the discount flights too... there is just one more workshop in Bris on Sat 14th July

The Brisbane market has exploded...

we can tell you where the best deals are there too

I've bought 2 in the last 2 weeks that will make me a min of $300k this year... one I have tied up for 6 months for just $5k (borrowed)!

On our last purchase we just added $200k value in the contract period!...and bought it for less than land value ...1.5k's CBD!!!

Negotiation strategies, buying strategies, how to find a bargain and more...

Early bird closing now...
fax (07) 3262 4054
email [email protected]

its a great day...successful investors talking to b.s. and no sales.

Geoff Doidge
"capital gain is easy and property is fun"
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Re: Melbourne Renovation Worskhop? Spam?????

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From: Ian Findlay

Hi all,

I'd tolerate this for now. But monitor very carefully. A better was for
Geoff to tell us about it would be to ask another contributor to post in the
web address so we can check it for ourselves.

This is a mix of info giving and selling (his seminars), less irritating
that just selling.
It may be very useful for others in the forum


> From: "Michael Croft" <[email protected]>
> OK guys and gals, do we tolerate this form of spamm or not?? And if its
from a former regular contributor??
> Michael Croft
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> To start a new topic: mailto:p[email protected]
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Melbourne Renovation Worskhop? Spam?????

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From: Rolf Latham

I normally would not put in here, But I have heard nothing but +ve stuff about GDs seminars, so should this not be a positive opportunity that belongs in CE ?


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Re: Melbourne Renovation Worskhop? Spam?????

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From: Paul Zagoridis

On "former regular contributor", the forum is archived and:
1) we actively encourage newbies to read it
2) Apprentice Millionaires Forum will eventually include a classic post from Geoff

So it's not like he's broken ties and asked his posts to be removed.

I'd think that once he's put in the work, he benefits from the reputation. GD should promote the seminar. Especially as the subject was pretty clear -- I expected to read about a reno seminar in Melb.

I don't think Caveat Emptor is more appropriate. Newbies will always ask in here if X seminar is worth attending. Seminars are part of IP discussion. If you post in here expect discussion and critique.

Plus seminars will probably be off topic in CE.

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Re: Melbourne Renovation Worskhop? Spam?????

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From: Terry Avery

Yes we do!
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Melbourne Renovation Worskhop sorry it is spam

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From: G D

Apologies crew

I just saw that I was accused of spam...

well yes it was a mistake

I posted here instead of meeting place .

..I was on the forum BFMP ie before "meeting place" and didnt think that through!

no harm done...

in the words of the beatles ...shows my age

"git back to where you belong"

At least I didnt use the BS method>>>ie

"is any one going to Geoff Doidge's Renovation workshop on the 24th June at the Melb Convention centre"

How do I let you Melb people know (without the big budget advertising) that we (2 serious property investors who dont sell property!) are here for just one day and one day only... My mate Paul Eslick has made me $300+k in 12-24 mths...he has done things for me I didnt believe were possible and I believe he can for others ...Ive seen him do it again and again..

One day I will tell you just how hard it is for honest and serious investors to get their message across to other serious investors ...

this may well be my last post
for the last 6 years I've run my seminar business to educate the public to intelligent investing

Ive seen the scams and the marketters Ive been approached by them and refused the deals
it is just too much work for too little reward...over to the marketters ...they have more staff and a huge commission to fund their activities

All the best for the future its time to move on...
Geoff1 aka Gee Dee
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