Name on the title of a Investment Property



From: Peter Teiermanis

I am about to purchase a IP. I am looking for advice on the options and issues around the name on the title of the IP. I am married but my wife does not work for a income. The property will be negatively geared at first but over time I obviously expect it to become positive. In the beginning I need the tax deductions while later my wife should get the positive income. If we buy serval properties there is also something about land tax. The options I am aware of are Tenants in Common, choosing some apportion of percentages, Joint Tenants and just my name on the title. What do other married couples do?
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From: Paul Zagoridis

I'd use a family trust, with a corporate trustee, but many say I'm biased.

This is a expensive option if you only buy one property. If you plan to buy more than a few, then it's cheap.

Talk to your advisers and read the archives. The tax planning you mentioned is also possible using a trust structure.

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