Nelson 35W halogen down lights

Hi there,

We are looking to buy several 35 watt IRC halogen down lights for our house that is currently under construction.

The electrical installation work is very expensive and we are trying to reduce the costs by supplying our own lights including the down lights for the electricans to install only.

We are looking at a brand made by Nelson Industries, but I am not sure if that brand is of good quality and reliable? If anyone knows about it please let me know if that is a good buy?

The link is: Catalog&sid=Halogen Fixtures

If you have any recommendation, please share with me.

Thank you.

Nelson aren't too bad to install. Osram are quick and easy to install. Ask your electrician which brand he prefers for ease of installation.
JAG Trading Online?

What about the C-Tick, CE, EMC, SELV transformers from JAG Trading Online. Are they good too?

Haven't used them before. You really won't save much money buying your own lights. If you buy a cheaper brand they will generally be lower quality/harder for the electrician to install (time = money).

The best way to go is to tell the sparky to get lights that you like, are good quality and also ones that are easy to install. Then when you've both agreed on the product go and get prices for that light yourself.