New house on small block or renovated old house on larger block?

Discussion in 'Where to Buy' started by Green Grass, 20th Jun, 2015.

  1. Green Grass

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    23rd Mar, 2015
    Perth, WA
    Hi all,
    I'm about to spend $500k on an IP, around 15km from Brisbane CBD. I have choices within this budget of a newer house (15 years old) on a 450sqm block or a renovated older house (pre 1985) on a 650sqm block. Current regs in Brisbane are than you can subdivide on an 800sqm block and also on a block in excess of 600sqm if you are 200m from shops.

    Which would people prefer? Is there any point in buying a larger block you cannot develop on? The newer house will I expect have higher depreciation benefits and therefore lower holding costs.

    I appreciate value is in land, but tenants rent bedrooms and not high maintenance blocks/gardens. So is it better to avoid the larger block you cannot develop on or is it still better because the land will have higher value than the smaller block.

  2. strongy1986

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    23rd Feb, 2012
    The problems with the 405 blocks is the 10 metre frontage.
    Long term you will find a 600 block more desirable

    You may not be able to subdivide it but I guarantee you will be able to develop it in the future

    Or someone else will

    On the new house old house debate , in 30 years what will be the better house?
    I think the old high sets will be in favour- the design will stand the test of time