Our First Depreciation Schedule

Hi there,

we are trying to get ourselves sorted out with '08-'09 tax return. I was pointed in the direction of a group called Property Wealth Australia in order have a depreciation schedule done on our IP. But they wont tell me how much they charge until I give them the details of our property manager and make an appointment to go out to the property...... needless to say I don't want to give them permission to visit my property when they're being so coy about the $$$$'s.

Our property was tenanted for approximately 11 weeks of the previous financial year, moving forward it is a permanent IP.

Can anybody recommend a QS/depreciation service in the Hervey Bay area?

And should we be overly concerned about having it ready for the 08-09 return?

thank you
Give Scott a ring

Scott posts on here as Depreciator.

He recently did 2 for me. Give him a brief description (location, property size, type, age etc) and he can give you an estimate of costs.

Here is his website.


You are leaving it a bit late though. It takes at least a few weeks.
First Depreciation Schedule

I have a couple of IP's and they are over 30 years old and have been renovated to a nice clean standard. Is it worth getting a dep'n schedule done on these?
Scott came highly recommended to me and i can highly recommend him, went out of his way to help me and linked me with an excellent QS to do the report.
Not wanting to step on Neil's toes (we usually refer any Rockhampton enquiries we got to him because we know he does things properly) but we have a guy in Hervey Bay.

Tell me what you can about the place, Smithy - approx age of buliding, renos etc.

And Samantha, if you've got any photos of your places, send them to me and I'll get a QS to work out a ballpark depreciation claim so you can make a decision.

My email address is scott@depreciator.com.au