Perth Networking Group WAIP Meeting Wednesday February 17th

Hello everyone and welcome to the first newsletter event for WAIP for 2010.

It will be great to see all our familiar attendees and we are especially excited to welcome a number of new faces who will be coming along for the first time.

Can you believe it is almost mid February already!

WAIP was established four years ago as primarily a networking group. Many people use property investing as a tool to create wealth and there is an abundance of knowledge available through books, seminars and coaching. But the one thing that can make a huge difference is the ability to network, to meet and talk with fellow investors.
Investing can sometimes be a lonely place and if you are doing it all on your own, it is easy to lose motivation or even give up, because it all gets too hard. Having the opportunity to talk and discuss your concerns or queries may reveal that others may be exeriencing the same challenges or frustrations and realising that you are not the only one facing the same issues can not oly be reassuring but also may also help provide a solution.

We currently hold around 10 meetings a year, February to November and at each meeting one or two guest speakers are invited to share their particular area of knowledge or expertise.
A number of speakers come from within the WAIP communty and it is always inspiring to hear first hand of people's experiences and strategies.

WAIP is not invoved in selling or promoting property and all content is educational in nature.

We always invite feedback so that we can continue to improve and provide even more value. Please contact Chris or myself Jenny, if you have any queries or suggestions.

The venue for WAIP has changed
We are no longer able to use the facilities at MYHQ so the meetings will now be held at the following address:

Enterprise 3,
Unit 9, De Laeter Way

There is plenty of parking available.
If anyone requires a map I can forward one if you send me an email requesting it.

Registration will be from 6.15 pm
The meeting will start at 6.45 for a 9 pm finish

Cost: $20 per person, pay at the door

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL! Please reply to this post

And don't forget to bring your BUSINESS CARDS for the door prize.

Please note that because of the change of venue, the proposed dates for future meetings may vary slightly so please check each month the day and the date for that particular meeting.

Two Fabulous Guest Speakers for February
Kicking off our first guest speaker is Aaron Spice from Blue Card! Industries.

Many of you will know Aaron from his previous presentations.
Quite simply Aaron is THE person you need to speak to if you are thinking of buying a site for subdivision or development. Aaron has a wealth of knowledge about what will work on a site or not, those quirky little problems that if you don't know about (and noone is going to tell you before hand) could cost you an arm and a leg.

His presentation for us this month is "How to Find Profit Even In A Difficult Site"

Then we are delighted to have Phil Tana, (yes that's Chris's Dad) a well respected speaker, talk to us about how you can use other forms of investments such as franchising, stocks and shares, futures and commodities to provide you with cashflow to fund your property portfolio.

Phil will discuss those essential factors that determine success in any business.

As a former State manager, National Franchise Manager and National Operations Manager and owner of a National chain of chicken shops, Phil has extensive business experience to share and to help us look outside the square when looking for ways to find cashflow for property investing.

As Steve McKnight always says " Success comes from doing things differently"

It promises to be a great night.

Chris and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday night at our new venue. So reply now to secure your seat.

Until then, Happy Investing!

Jenny and Chris.
No worries for me as long as that isn't the only means of communication - some of us have a philosophical objection to using "social networking" sites...

Too bad about the change of venue though! The venue in Perth was just down the road from me. A 10 minute walk. Oh well.

It will be nice to have a change of pace tonight. The last 2 nights i have been running. Need a rest! I have a hard training session tomorrow.
An excellent night with two interesting and knowledgeable speakers! Thanks to both speakers and of course Jenny and Chris for their organising efforts...
What a great evening. Love the new venue too though the air con up the front left of the room leaked for a bit and made some highly suspicious sounds. In case you were wondering, I was not relieving myself, it really was the air conditioner!
Im a horse's ....

should have gone.

Bluecard, I think there is a market for it (and I havent seen your presentaton(s) yet. But formwhat I've seen others who dothem, I think you're putting far too much emphasis on the detail of what you provide & who will be able to use it ;) :D