PPOR to IP Valuation Question

Hi everyone,
we are about to convert our PPOR of 3 years to an IP. We are then going to rent for 6 months and then buy a new PPOR. We were going to get the valuation done for capital gains purposes early next week before the tenants move in. However my accountant informed me today that since I would be renting for 6 months, that I could still claim my IP as a PPOR so capital gains would not apply during this period. She also said that after we buy our new PPOR, that we could still claim both the IP and new PPOR as PPORs for 6 months. This would mean that we would possibly only need to get the valuation done in a years time. Can someone please confirm that this is true?
Thanks in advance!
You can claim your PPOR even if you're not living in it for up to 6 years, only if you're not already claiming another property as your PPOR. I've never heard of being able to claim both as PPORs for 6 months :confused:
I've never heard of being able to claim both as PPORs for 6 months :confused:

Yeah, you can - it is called the 6 month overlap rule or something similar.

Vampii your accountant seems pretty switched on I'd be following their advice - that is why you hired them afterall :)
I was just reconfirming this as I had always thought that people were only able to claim one PPOR at any time. The accountant does my personal tax returns so I wasn't sure whether she was knowledgeable in investment property matters. So it is true? I won't need to do a valuation for another year?