Practical Issues - Group house, New Lease Qld

A relative kindly handled the letting of my vacant house while I was temporarily absent for a few weeks and I would like to clarify some points.

Three individuals signed the lease which ends at the same time for all. Does it matter if they signed on different days (different signature dates)? The relative signed for me on each signature block on the same date as each individual tenant. Is there any fault in that?

The bonds (and rent) were banked in my account and I will sign the Form 2 (Bond Lodgement) form to pay into the RTA. All are on the one form.

Apart from that is there anything extra I should do to 'formalise' with the tenants that I am managing? I was wondering if I need to send a text or note to confirm what they know verbally.

For advice please.

This is ok that they all signed the lease on different days - as long as the lease is the same (which you indicate it is).

Regarding Bond - fill in the Form 2-Bond lodgment - make sure all your tenants sign this form and lodge the money to RTA asap (you only have 10 days by law).

Make sure you have completed a full entry condition report - not enough credence is given to this document by many private owners and pm's.

Other things you can do:-
1. photocopy the keys and have your tenants sign it as acknowledgement of keys received. (Also, by law - you need to provide one full set to the first tenant and an entry set to each of the other tenants)
2. Provide your tenants with a sheet of when rents are due with dates and amounts - helps them remember. Also helps you because you and your tenants will be on the same wave length.
3. Smoke alarms - it is your obligation to have this checked and new batteries at start of tenancy - when you self manage - you need to keep proof (just in case) e.g. buy a 9V battery and keep a copy of the receipt with the lease - or outsource this for $70- $80 p.a.

There are more things if you want to be thorough - pm me if you want a full list.

It is recommended you visit the RTA website under the lessors area:

Hope this helps.

Thank you. Is there any requirement for formal written advices that the person who helped me out and signed the lease is not managing and I am handling things for the remainder of the tenancy? They have been advised verbally and have my address and phone number.

Thank you.