Principal Place of Residence Concession - when to notify a solicitor?

We are in the process of buying a first home (waiting for paying a deposit).
We would like to apply for Principal Place of Residence Concession.

The bank said that it should be organized by our solicitor.
(FHOG application will be processed by the bank, if it matters.)

We have not told our solicitor yet that we would like to apply for the Concession. And he also has not mentioned (the first time we met) that he will do this automatically (even not mentioned about such Concession at all).

As far as I understand we will need to sign a Statutory Declaration, and provide it to the solicitor, and he should do the rest.

The question is that:

- I'm not sure, should I ask the solicitor whether he is going to apply for the PPR Concession?
Or may be solicitors usually automatically do this? (But i'm confused that we were not told and have not been asked for SD yet)

- If I should ask/tell him, what time is it better to ask? Closer to the settlement day or as earlier as possible?

Any suggestions are very welcome.
Thank you in advance!

PS: I just was unable to reach the solicitor by phone today, so could not ask him directly.