Quotation on building two on one block of land

Hi all,

I have received a quote from a builder (a quite famous one), and because I am a complete newbie in property development, I am just not sure if I have been ripped off or if that's normal cost in the market. Would appreciate if any experienced one could give some comments.

I have a block of land which I am subdividing for two dwellings. So far, the quote that I received is as follow:

Base plan area:
- Single storey ground floor (177sqm)
- Single storey garage area (20sqm)
- Single storey portico and afresco (31sqm)
Price: $155,000

- Plan, Boundary building
- Engineering report, Survey
- Stormwater/ Sewer sleeve thru slab
- Ceiling height (2.7m) for living & garage
- Reinforced brick piers x4 up to 3m high
- Roof tiles (shingle)
Price: $18,000

Allowance for footings, soil removal:
- Standard footings, site works variation: $18,000
- Soil removal from site works: $2,500

Exterior Selection
Price: $7,000

Interior Selections

- Fencing (82m): $5740
- Storm water (7 surface grates): $2,275
- Rainwater tank 1000L: $1,500
- Paving: $7,360
Price: ~$18,000

Price: $2,225

Laminated timber flooring
Price: $6,064

Air Conditioning (Reverse cycle)
Fujitsu art 9 outlets, 6 zones - $12,390

Total Cost: ~$260,000 - $270,000