Re-let fee after a tenant breaks a lease

What are people's thoughts on being charged a re-let fee after the previous tenant has broken the lease?

Have you managed to pass on the fee to the previous tenant?

I'm not a happy vegemite copping this fee... It wasn't me who broke the lease.
Any time this has happened to us, the tenant has had to pay all costs involved in setting up a new tenant. (This is in Vic and resi.:))
Seems fair to me.. Have let the pm know, but think its too late as the old tenant moved out a month ago and they've since been to the tribunal :(

If only the re-let fee appeared on the previous statement..
The tenant breaking the lease should pay. And your PM would have known that!!!! If they didn't, they should have.
Vb, it is probably too late in this case, but I would make sure the PM knows that they owe you for the next time they source a tenant for you.;)
in Victoria, your Property Manager should have taken the fee out of the tenants bond before refunding as this would have been in the lease agreement.

If this is the case, then I would push back onto your PM and ask that they waive this fee or at least fund part of the cost since they should have managed this. If they disagree then I would change PM.