Recommend MB in South Sydney

I would like to borrow some money for an IP/PPOR.

Can someone please recommend a Mortgage Broker around South Sydney area?
Any of the brokers on the forum will be able to assist you, I'm certain we all help people where are located in a very diverse range of locations. As long as telephone and email are available, it's not a problem.

That said, face to face meetings are always good. In Sydney, I recommend Jane Slack-Smith. 0432 687 560.
Thanks for your reply..

Youre right. I am not so fussed about face-to-face meetings and that the MB can be anywhere in AUS.

I had a bad experience with a MB who failed to respond for more than few weeks. No acknowledgments to my emails.. nothing..

I have all documents scanned into a pdf and its all ready to go. Just need someone to assess my situation and could assist me in borrowing for my next PPOR/IP
Wow Sam your broker didnt respond for a couple of weeks.

If i didnt respond in a matter of hours i think my clients would walk away.
Yeh, a friend recommended me to go to him.

I was disappointed as I was only expecting an acknowledgment for all the scanned copies I sent via email.

Anyways.. to all Mortgage Brokers here, PM me if you are willing to assist.
My Goodness Me

Samsoft, you are either very brave or somewhat foolhardy!

Issuing an open invitation to 'all the Mortgage Brokers' ......

You are likely to wonder how come 3,000 mortgage brokers respond to your invitation when there doesn't seem to be that many active contributors to the Forum!

But at least you will have a response which seems to have been somewhat lacking in your quest up until now!

Yeh I was kinda disappointed with the response I got from banks and few mortgage brokers.

The Lending Managers from my banks were awesome but unfortunately they were transferred to some other branch and the Lenders that replaced them were not upto scratch.

For the past 3 months I've scanned all the loan-related documents and kept it all ready.

So I guess now its time to tap into Mortgage Brokers that can keep me going.
Sam, distance makes no difference, only the quality of the Broker. I tried several, and was very dissappointed, before engagine on of the Brokers on the forum.

I have been with this Broker for many years now and am very happy. I live in NSW, he lives in QLD.
Hello JO/Skater,

I am still waiting on the feedback from my CBA mobile lender. I'll get the results by tomorrow.

I'll then make a decision whether to go with CBA or to tap into MB's from here.

At this stage I am really confused on which MB to choose. I have received several MB's that are willing to help and they are all as good as the rest of them.

I'll see how it goes with my CBA application and then decide.


hi Sam,

I hope you found your broker. For what it's worth, my broker was also in Queensland. :)

Regards JO
Hi skater, who is the broker you are mentioning, Engagine ? Is he on somersoft, thanks.

LOL! That was a typo (Engagine - should have been engaging).

The broker that I have been using is Rolf. He is on the forum. The poor guy has had to put up with me for many years now.:D