Relocation Downunder

Anyone watching this show? It's Phil, from Kirsty & Phil on Relocation Relocation Relocation. It's about Brits relocating to Oz and the show is pitched at Brits with prices in pounds.

I did enjoy the show, but it was absolutely chokkers with just about every aussie cliche/pun etc thrown in and even some made up ones e.g. 'longer than an emus neck'. It really sells Australia and shows it in a great light. This week was Perth but Phil did a trip to Sydney so there was a lot of Sydney Harbour thrown in as well as lots of sunshine, sand and surf.

Apparently a hell of a lot of us travel to work by boat, we all go for a 25km bike ride before work and finish off with a dip at Bondi in the arvo!

and why were they in such a dam hurry to buy? they didn't know one end of shrimp from the other and they felt compelled to buy one of three or four properties they were shown