RP DATA for property searches - QLD/NSW membership available

Hi Everyone, well those who have seen my posts in previous years know i setup a private group membership for RP Data for a bunch of investors and we use it for our property research. its been invaluable over the years. well we have now changed to a better service called PRicefinder and i am happy to say its better IMO than RP.

best news is that we now get the whole of QLD whereas my past group for RP was only SE QLD (ie Brisbance the 2 coasts and close surroiunds). but not only all of QLD but i have negotiated to also get a large chunk of NSW down to Coff Harbour.

i have some members who have dropped out for various reasons in the 2010 year, and have a small number of spots available for this 2010 calander year group. membership started in January, and was $360 per member for the yr. but as its now April and the available spots left i need to re-fill will now only be $280 till the end of the yr. (should be $300 - but first in to fill the remaining spots).

PRicefinder is really good modern s/w and our group really love it. tho RP made some godo inroads into improving their interface over the last fews yrs, PF still beats it IMO. it gives you all the default price history, fab reports and stats on all sorts of data and a super cool tool that uses an advanced algorithm that caluclates an estimated fair mkt value of the house you are look at based in current mkt data of other properties similar to it. it even gives you an estimated rental price based on current mkt data so you can factor this in for your mortgage calcs. pretty cool stuff ! and very useful!!

anyway anyone serioulsy interested in buying investment properties needs a search data base in their arsenal. note this is only for private investors investing in property privately. not for anyone associated in Real Estae or associated industries or for anyone who want to use such data bases at work professionally of any kind. private home use only for private investors - those are our conditions of getting a subscription with PF.

email me if you want to join us and i will give you the details.


HAPPY EASTER everyone !!

Full Nsw/qld

I would be interested in a full NSW or Full NSW/QLD account at similar pricing levels if available. PriceFinder looks good or RP Fine.
spots still left

Hi i have had a few enquiries, and yes i do still have some spots left for our calander group for $280 till yrs end. its a great tool and i would not be without it. we used to use RP, but find that everyone now loves and prefers PF.

Our region is ALL of QLD plus Nthn NSW down to Coffs Harbour.

i dont have a full NSW group, but could possibly think of starting one up, tho i would need a minimum of 15 users. that would be 15 committed to paying up and joining, not 15 just paritally interested but not committed.

if there is interest , i can appraoch my contact there at PF to see if we can have a NSW group too. i dont know their opinion on that.... its not what they like to do, to be honest. so our group is kinda special and i am lucky to get what we have thru quite frankly.

but for now i need to fill up the calandr yr group as we had a few members leave and spots now vacant that need filling.

my email is rodhuy@gmail.com is you want to email me for any more info. cheers Rod
Sydney NSW option

I see there are a few emails knocking around..... Was there anything confirmed for the Sydney option?

I would be interested in this....