running short of canberra listings??

I know canberra seems small to those of you in other majors , but their is only 1560 listings on all homes for a population of over 300,000 thats seems an amazingly small amount of available properties???
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Selling agents everywhere in Sydney & Newcastle are reporting stock shortages. So demand is exceeding supply and prices are going up because of it.

This could be a 'don't sell in winter' thing. But we'll see in 2 weeks time when spring arrives.:p
as a for sale sign "spotter" i am amazed at how many have a sold sticker splashed on them. if priced right, stock seems to be selling within days or weeks. very very few signs i see are for property unsold.

also, as an avid walker, i am astounded at the number of renovation jobs going on (including our place :D). doesn't seem to be much of a money shortage yet.